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Opening reception

17/5/08 7pm @ Shenzhen Babu Gallery.


展覽時間 : 2008年5月17日- 6月17日
開幕時間 : 2008年5月17日 晚上 7:00


地址 : 深圳市華僑城OCT創意文化園北區A3棟西側208室babu畫廊

Artworks from MIC, Three, GAL and SFZ.

Banksy Solo Exhibition

More Unique Pieces of the UK Artist BANKSY could be found at SCHOENI ART GALLERY from 29 Apr - 13 May.

Schoeni Art Gallery
21-31 Old Bailey Street, Central,
Hong Kong
Tel: 2869 8802

For more details, please refer to Schoeni's web site - here.





notice that banksy is not the sole artist involved.














Fabrik Contemporary Art is proud to present their LOVE ART show on April 23rd 2008 showcasing part of their private collection of Robert Indiana, Damien Hirst, Keith Haring, Romero Britto and Mel Ramos. 

The exhibition will also include rare and previously unseen works by Banksy in cooperation with Helium Foundation based in the UK.  It’s the first time, that these major pieces will be shown in Hong Kong.   

The show is divided into two themes, one is based on the influence of modern day pop culture and the second one is street art.  

For interview arrangements. high resolution images, or futher information please contact Jurgen Abergas.  

Exhibition Venue : Hong Kong Arts Centre, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Vernissage  : Wednesday, 23 April 2008, 630pm – 830pm

Exhibition runs  : 23 – 28 April 2008, 10am – 8pm

Contact Details  : Jurgen Abergas, Tel:  +852 25254911

Hong Kong Anarchitecture Bananas

開放時間:逢星期二 至 星期日,下午十二時至 晚上八時 (逢星期一休息)
公眾導賞:四月六日(星期日) 下午四時
地點:香港 九龍 土瓜灣馬頭角道63號 牛棚藝術村12號單位 藝術公社


王浩然,朱德華,Andrew S. Guthrie,尹麗娟,區華欣,智海,張嘉莉,泥人,黃慧妍,謝至德,蛙王,謝健華,何文聰,梁展峰+張偉樂,黃照達,黃國才,馮嘉儀,關尚智,劉智聰,李俊峰,李來有,蔡嘉宏,李鴻輝,梁御東,吳鋋灝,Start From Zero,陳淑雲,白雙全,梁志和,WAS, 楊學德,湯映彤,丸仔


網頁: www.anarchibananas.blogspot.com


Graffiti & Consumption

An exhibition @ Shen Zhen brought to you by the Babu Gallery. Featuring German artist: Seak and French artist: Ceet, Kongo,S2one and Moun. Plus more than a dozen local artist. 開幕時間:2007年12月8日 下午3:00 Opening: 8/12/07 @ 3:00pm 展覽時間:2007年12月8日~2008年3月1日 Exhibition period: 8/12/07 -1/3/08 展覽地點:深圳华侨城OCT艺术区--北区A3栋208 Babu画廊 Location: BABU Gallery, Room 208, A3 Building, North side, OCT art district, Shen Zhen. For more info, please visit http://www.babu-art.com/G+C/



Music Gallery Opening

Music Gallery Grand Opening This Saturday (1/12/2007) @ Central Soho district. (14 Shing Wong St. Central/ 14 城皇街, 於大樓梯) Art works from: Otoss, Mic, KDG, Sinic, The Graphic Airlines, Xeme, Redy, Start From Zero and more..

Click pic for map:



A recap of the 2-nights-laser-bombing. Great experience between people and tech.


@HK City Hall


@temple street


In action


The NEW GRAND TOUR Exhibition

The NEW GRAND TOUR Exhibition
featuring Suitman / José Parlá / Rostarr / Deanne Cheuk
Exhibition will be open to the public, with free entry, from November 3-25, 2007 (11AM to 8PM daily,closed on Mondays)
BRAVE - G/F, PacificHouse, 20 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong


Graffiti Research Lab

Laser TAG performance in HK by the Graffiti Research Lab ( http://www.graffitiresearchlab.com/ ) Not something you'll see every day, especially in Hong Kong, so don't miss it if you're into graf/tech/art or whatever... If you don't know what it is just go to the harbor and chill with your girlfriend/boyfriend. It should be something interesting.

17.11 (Sat) 20:30 - 22:30 City Hack Special: L.A.S.E.R.Tag 都會特備節目: 光影塗城 KowloonHarbourfront 九龍沿海旁 18.11 (Sun) 20:30 - 22:30 City Hack Special: L.A.S.E.R.Tag 都會特備節目: 光影塗城 HK IslandHarbourfront 港島沿海旁


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