ubn.msgr. stands for urban messenger, means people who are trying to express their thoughts and ideas in the urban space, he could be a street artist or could well be a random old man writing words on wall.

ubn.msgr. is an open web site for anyone, focused mainly the surroundings in Hong Kong. The idea of it is to photo the "messages", which we found interesting or which may fit our featured themes, and bring them from the outdoor to your computer screen.
By providing a platform for internet users seeing another angle of our surround within a couple of clicks on the mouse, we are trying to use the web site as a tool to draw attention from busy public, waking them up from routine eat & sleep life, and remind them the importance of keeping eyes open to the "messages" around us. Every "message" could make our day special and not forgetful.

On the other hand, we work as a platform to showcase the works by the ubn.msgr. We would like to offer an opportunity to the public knowing who they are spreading the "message" and what is out there besides the ordinary.
We first got the idea of starting this web site in late 2003, after a long while of struggling and re-identify our goals, we finally have our first publication in Oct 2004.. Yes! Finally!
ubn.msgr. of course!